2014 May

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Articles in this issue:

Ten things I’ve learned in my auto-accident trials

The fundamentals of taking an auto case to trial

Joseph M. Barrett

2014 May

Was your client wearing a seatbelt?

Well-known seatbelt defects that may prove the answer is yes!

Brian Chase

2014 May

The “Sharing Economy”

I take the money – you take the risk

Christopher Dolan

2014 May

Deposing the adverse witness in an automobile case

A look at structuring the deposition to exploit the weaknesses of an adverse witness

John F. Gerard

2014 May

Preparing the plaintiff for their deposition in the automobile case

“The battle, sir, is not to the strong alone; it is to the vigilant, the active, the brave.”— Patrick Henry

Steven P. Goldberg

2014 May

Breaking down the 5-Star safety rating and how this affects your auto case

Safety ratings are not in any way indicative of the injury a plaintiff can sustain in a particular car

Jeffrey Greenman

2014 May

The defense radiologist

The defense radiologist

Undermining the opinions of defense radiologists in spinal-injury cases

Bill Karns
Mike Karns

2014 May

Trial Diary

Trying the not so big and glamorous cases

Nicholas C. Rowley

2014 May

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