2017 October

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The “money” cross-examination of the one-sided expert

Attacking the credibility of the one-sided expert on cross-examination

Dan Kramer
Teresa Johnson

2017 October

Seven ways to quash a subpoena

A deposition subpoena for the production of business records is a useful tool in gathering evidence

Jonathan Bakhsheshian

2017 October

Curbing improper use of the Fifth Amendment

How To keep your civil case moving forward in the face of speculative stays and blanket refusals

Alex Behar

2017 October

Preparing your retained-expert witness for deposition

Inadequately prepared experts may end up giving testimony that can damage your case

Elizabeth A. Hernandez

2017 October

Using the teeth of the statute to get the most out of RFPs

How the crafty defense lawyer hides things by avoiding the details in Requests for Production of Documents

Patrick Nolan

2017 October

Framing key evidentiary issues before trial

Framing key evidentiary issues before trial

The importance of framing key evidentiary issues and then framing the overall case and evidence

Arash Homampour

2017 October

Appellate Reports and Shorter Takes

Interim adverse judgment bars malicious-prosecution claim, even if trial court later finds action was brought in bad faith

Jeffrey I. Ehrlich

2017 October

Use Sargon as your WAZE for examining and presenting expert opinion

If your expert is subject to a 402 hearing, you had better know your case law

Geraldine Weiss

2017 October

Trial lawyers and the President

Dramatically different approaches to justice and the rule of law

Stuart Zanville

2017 October

Stand and deliver

OCTLA programs offer what you need to be a great trial lawyer – like the Top Gun lawyers we will celebrate in December. But first, the Bench & Bar Golf Tournament October 9

Shaina Colover

2017 October

Discovery, Evidence & Experts

The best use of expert witnesses and how to strengthen your case by finding the evidence you need through discovery

Ronni Whitehead Otieno

2017 October

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