2018 January

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Trial techniques

From voir dire to closing

Ibiere N. Seck

2018 January

Everybody’s watching: The new reality of excessive-force cases

A look at the role of video, especially body cameras, and the expanding role of social media in police-misconduct actions

Carl E. Douglas

2018 January

Don’t let the court ruin your jury selection

Civil attorneys have the right to explore juror attitudes, beliefs and proclivities. Be prepared to defend your rights to the court

Antony Stuart

2018 January

Jury selection for the 21st century

A practical, court-focused look at how you will select a jury and what you can and cannot accomplish in the process

Brian Panish
Adam Shea
Larry Hall

2018 January

Arguing general damages at trial

CACI gives you the essential tools for quantifying general damages to the jury. Here’s how to use them

Geoff Wells

2018 January

Direct examination: Telling the story

Direct examination requires its own storyline sequence with a beginning, middle and end

Christa Ramey

2018 January

How legal staff best supports attorneys at trial

Trial is not a solo act, it requires a chorus of support

Rose Gutierrez

2018 January

Voir dire, the files in your mind

This trial skill requires training, writing and memorizing scripts, and constant practice until you internalize the voir dire

Daniel Ambrose
Stephen A. King

2018 January

The law governing juror qualifications

A look at the qualifications for jurors and at proper challenges, particularly language-based challenges

2018 January

Using closing argument to support your “plaintiff jurors” in deliberation

Your best chance to win is to empower the jurors who are already with you to persuade the rest of the jury that your argument has merit

Genie Harrison

2018 January

Everything you wanted to know about voir dire

A master trial lawyer shares a career’s worth of jury-selection knowledge

2018 January

Lightening the overload

Tips to manage your email inbox

Stuart Zanville

2018 January

Consumer Attorneys of California makes positive impact on the lives of California consumers

Elder abuse by nursing homes and mandatory arbitration in consumer contracts are but two of the battles being waged in Sacramento

Mike Arias

2018 January

Become more engaged!

Together we are a stronger organization as we look to the new year

Mike Arias

2018 January

Closing argument in a personal-injury case

General principles that apply to all closing arguments in personal-injury cases

Mike Alder

2018 January

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