2020 July

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Remote jury trials

Out of disruption arises great innovation: trial by Zoom?

Anthony J. Mohr

2020 July

Webinars take center stage in education

Golf tournament still planned for October but Top Gun live gala is canceled

Jonathan Dwork

2020 July

AAJ stands against police misconduct

National organization actively working with the Congressional Black Caucus to produce legislation to end the militarization of state and local police departments

Linda A. Lipsen

2020 July

Eyes on the goal

“Circumstances may cause interruptions and delays, but never lose sight of your goal.” — Mario Andretti

Nancy Peverini

2020 July

The state organization: CAOC

Working behind-the-scenes to protect your practice and your livelihood

Stuart Zanville

2020 July

Appellate Reports

Decision looks at bad faith in landlord’s insurance policy

Jeffrey I. Ehrlich

2020 July

The sale of structured settlements

You’ve seen the ads on TV. Cash now. Your former client now wants advice. Here’s what you must know

Shirley K. Watkins

2020 July

Practice and professionalism considerations in a post-pandemic court

Practice and professionalism considerations in a post-pandemic court

From testimony through a mask to video-conference testimony, it’s a brave new world in the courts

Valerie Salkin

2020 July

Navigating the court during the COVID-19 pandemic

The Mosk courthouse may be open, but you may not want to come here

Mary Ann Murphy

2020 July

Unfair competition law and the right to a jury trial in civil matters

The impact of Nationwide Biweekly Administration, Inc. on the unfair competition and false advertising laws and the right to a jury trial in cases involving both equitable and legal causes of action

Michael D. Marcus

2020 July

Ex parte motions

What a way to start the day: the “8:30 whiners’ calendar”

Mark Mooney

2020 July

Meet and confer, compromise and stipulate

Conflicts resolve more readily when human beings can observe each other’s facial expressions and hear the tone of voice of the person opposite them

Terresa A. Beaudet

2020 July

Jury instructions front and center

Prepare your case with the jury instructions in mind rather than treat them as an afterthought

Gregory Keosian

2020 July

Discover what you may not know about the Discovery Act

Tips on avoiding common errors in discovery-motion practice and on how to improve your motions

Randolph M. Hammock

2020 July

CACI meets The Bard

CACI meets The Bard

How Shakespeare can help you navigate the CACI jury instructions, improve your closing arguments, and make you a better lawyer

Gregory W. Alarcon

2020 July

Reacting to the murder of George Floyd

What lawyers can do to help in these times

Jeffrey A. Rudman

2020 July

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