2022 August

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<em>Jones v. Smith</em>: Much to learn from one case

Jones v. Smith: Much to learn from one case

The judge’s review of a large jury verdict that opened up an auto policy, and an analysis of why other trials end up in low/defense verdicts

Gerald Rosenberg

Preventing a collision with the future

Autonomous vehicles involved in accidents present myriad liability considerations

Kyle Jordan Hindin

Federal trucking-safety regulations

Federal trucking-safety regulations

An additional avenue of liability in trucking cases

Jesse E. French

Proving damages through the testimony of treating physicians

Treater testimony is the foundation upon which you will construct your damages presentation

Alex Behar

Don’t lose before you’ve even started

Choosing the right jurors for your auto case can be the difference between winning and losing

Ashley Laiken
Michelle M. West

Who’s at fault?

Issue spotting past the collision to find deeper pockets

Santo Riccobono
Tobin Ellis

Advocating for PI plaintiffs in criminal court

Advocating for PI plaintiffs in criminal court

A guide to winning restitution in the criminal courts, including attorney’s contingency fees

Melanie Meneses Palmer

The right lane

Discovery in cycling cases: There’s more evidence than you think

Steve Rosen

Electric bicycles: It has a motor, but in California it’s not a motor vehicle

Electric bicycles: It has a motor, but in California it’s not a motor vehicle

How e-bikes are classified and the legal rules of the road for this fast-emerging mode of transportation

Nestor Schnasse


Examining common liability issues presented by e-bike cases

Miles B. Cooper

Appellate Report

Courts look at expert concessions on causation; also personal jurisdiction

Jeffrey I. Ehrlich

Camp Lejeune Justice Act brings justice to veterans

Also, Georgia Trial Lawyers amicus brief helps Georgia Court to reject the “Apex Doctrine” shielding corporate officers

Linda A. Lipsen

The shelf of corporate shame

SB 1149 (Leyva) will fix it. Protecting consumers against dangerous drugs and other products by removing the cloak of secret settlements

Nancy Peverini

Summer in the high desert: Joshua Tree

“The jury trial began on a hot day in July 1943 in the Riverside County Superior Court…”

Douglas Vanderpool

Gratitude makes for a life well lived

It is said that we have two lives, and the second begins when we realize we only have one

Douglas N. Silverstein

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