Is your advertising reaching 10,000-plus
plaintiffs’ attorneys in Southern California?
It can. In Advocate magazine. 

Narrow your focus. Not your market.

Your marketing message can reach 10,000-plus trial lawyers in Southern California.  Advocate is mailed to plaintiffs' trial lawyers in the following counties: Los Angeles, Orange, Ventura, Santa Barbara, San Diego, Riverside, San Bernardino, Imperial and Kern.

Advocate bridges the gap between small association magazines and newsletters that reach only a limited membership and the big legal magazines that are sent to law firms of every size and speciality.

For an advertiser, what sets Advocate apart from other legal magazines in California is the target audience. You’ll reach a targeted market of 10,000-plus plaintiffs’ attorneys throughout all of Southern California, and you’ll do it more cost effectively than with any other publication. Because you reach only trial attorneys, you’re not paying for wasted circulation the way you do in general legal publications such as Bar journals. With Advocate, you will reach the lawyers most likely to need your services.  And because plaintiffs’ lawyers tend to work in small firms, you’ll be reaching the decision-makers.

The readers of Advocate have traditionally been referred to as trial lawyers, personal injury attorneys and, more recently, consumer attorneys. They represent the injured or wronged party in civil actions ranging from vehicle accidents to medical malpractice to wrongful termination of employment, police misconduct and toxic contamination of drinking water. They are the champions of the consumer - the common man with limited financial resources - and typically are compensated on a contingency fee basis.

Readers of Advocate tend to practice individually or in small law firms. Often, they are the managing partners of their firm, responsible not only for serving clients but also for purchasing office equipment, maintaining the library and hiring staff. In short, advertising in Advocate reaches the decision-makers.

Engaging editorial.
Effective advertising.

Advocate is a nuts-and-bolts journal for trial practice. Every issue brings readers practical, instructive articles on the representation of plaintiffs.  Each month, experienced attorneys present informative articles on a different theme, revealing how they craft complaints, maximize discovery and use voir dire effectively to win actions in such areas as employment, auto accidents, medical malpractice, products liability and insurance bad faith.  Mediators and arbitrators discuss how these alternative forums can be used to a plaintiff’s benefit.  Trial judges instruct on how lawyers can be more effective in their courtrooms.

Mix it up. Make lasting impressions.

  • Direct Mail Packages - From copywriting to art to printing and mailing, we do it all. 
  • Mailing List Rentals - Distribute your marketing materials to 15,000 trial lawyers.
  • Digital Advertising - Three content-rich Websites plus an email newletter on jury verdict results produce traffic to your Website.

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