Changing of the Guard

Meet the new CAALA officers for 2017

David M. Ring
2016 November

My year as CAALA’s president is winding down. It has been a privilege to lead CAALA this year. My good friend, Ricardo Echeverria, will soon be taking over the helm of this great organization.

In case you don’t know, the path to the CAALA presidency usually starts with being on the Board of Governors for several years. Then, a candidate runs for
the position of Secretary, and if they win, that means they will eventually become CAALA’s President after serving five years on the Executive Committee. Even after finishing his or her term, the president remains on the executive committee for three more years. So, in reality, it is a 9-year commitment to CAALA. Having “moved up the chairs” myself, I can tell you it is invaluable to have the experience of each of the prior positions before taking over as president.

I want to thank the 2016 Executive Committee for all their hard work this year, and also congratulate Doug Silverstein, our newly elected Secretary. Just like I did a couple of months ago when I featured the CAALA staff, this month I want to feature CAALA’s leaders and tell you a little something about each.

President in 2017: Ricardo Echeverria

Ricardo is with the insurance bad-faith firm Shernoff, Bidart & Echeverria. He also handles major personal injury cases. Ricardo was CAALA’s trial lawyer of the year in 2010. Did you know? Ricardo was raised on a dairy farm in Chino and is still a partner in the family farming business which milks 10,000 cows twice a day. He collects autographed guitars (over 270 of them) and his prized possession is a signed Elton John red piano, one of fifty in existence.

President-Elect in 2017: Mike Arias

Mike is with Arias, Sanguinetti, Stahle & Torrijos, and specializes in class actions, mass torts, and major personal injury cases. Mike is incredibly dedicated to our cause: in addition to CAALA, he is on the board of CAOC and AAJ and is very active in all three organizations. Did you know? Mike worked on a shrimp boat out of Key West, Florida, as a teenager, and then went on to be a cook at an Italian restaurant in Connecticut. He is an avid sports fan.

First Vice President in 2017: Shawn McCann

Shawn is with BD&J where he handles wrongful death and serious injury cases. Shawn has been actively involved in CAALA since very early in his career when he was with Girardi & Keese. Did you know? Shawn is a huge fan of the Seattle Seahawks, and has brain-washed his four young kids to become big Seahawk fans also.

Second Vice President in 2017: Jeff Rudman

After many years as a solo practitioner, Jeff is joining forces with David deRubertis. Jeff handles personal injury cases. Jeff has loyally served CAALA and its members for many years. Did you know? Jeff started out as a law clerk at his dad’s personal injury firm. Jeff is a Laker fanatic, having attended games starting when he was 8 years old and when Magic was still a young player. He’s also into Pearl Jam, having seen the band in concert many times.

Treasurer in 2017: Genie Harrison

Genie has her own firm, The Genie Harrison Law Firm. She specializes in employment cases and made a name for herself in some very high-profile discrimination cases against the L.A. Fire Department several years back. Did you know? Genie grew up in the Davy Crockett National Forest in East Texas, and as a child she would sometimes hunt for her own dinner. She loves music, especially Miles Davis. She also enjoys painting and writing poetry.

Secretary in 2017: Doug Silverstein

Doug is with Kesluk, Silverstein & Jacob, where he specializes in employment and labor cases. Doug is the newly elected secretary for CAALA and in 2022 (just around the corner!) he will be CAALA’s president. Did you know? Before going to law school, Doug worked as a sommelier and was close to embarking on a career in the wine industry.

I am proud to have been able to work with this inspiring group of lawyers during my year as president. They were all elected for a reason: they are leaders and each will lead this organization in a way that continues to keep CAALA as the top trial lawyers association in the country.

David M. Ring David M. Ring

David M. Ring is a partner with Taylor & Ring, where he specializes in plaintiffs’ personal injury and wrongful death cases. He also specializes in representing victims of crime, particularly victims of sexual abuse, assault or harassment, in civil cases and has obtained many precedent-setting verdicts and settlements in that area of law. He was named Personal Injury Lawyer of the Year (2015) by California Lawyer. The Daily Journal selected him as one of the Top 25 Plaintiff Lawyers in California (2015).

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