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The cure to the Apolitical Blues: Justice Day in Sacramento, April 30. Annual Palm Springs Seminar, May 3-5

B James Pantone
2019 April

“I got the apolitical blues, apolitical blues meanest blues of them all . . .”

— Lowell George

I tend to talk a lot about the need for everyone in our trial lawyer community to be engaged in the political process. The reason is quite simple: The laws which define and constrain our clients’ access to civil justice are not carved in stone. These laws are under constant attack by teams of well-paid lobbyists representing insurance companies, corporations, manufacturers and the Chamber of Commerce.

It should therefore come as no surprise that these special interests have zero interest in civil justice, coupled with an abject disregard for the welfare or rights of those injured by their monied clients. We see it daily representing our injured clients. Nor is it coincidental that these same special interests are the very large corporations and insurance companies which trial lawyer organizations were created to fight and to level the battlefield against in the fight for civil justice.

Under such a constant special interest onslaught, a voice of reason and justice is critical in Sacramento and in Washington. Trial lawyer organizations and their members provide this vital voice. Trial lawyers and their organizations stand as the single most powerful, persistent and dedicated force for consumer rights and access to civil justice, and against the rich and powerful forces that would trample upon those rights.

We stand and fight for fundamental values that are the bedrock of the American system of justice. It is natural extension of our values as trial attorneys to advocate for laws that further our clients’ access to the courts and justice for their injuries

Rise above the partisan political rancor that contaminates the environment of today’s public policy discourse. Fight the Apolitical Blues. Lend your voice and skills of persuasion to promote these fundamental values to our legislators and public officials.

And the perfect place to start (or continue your journey) is . . .

Justice Day 2019

Be a Champion for Justice and join your OCTLA community and fellow trial lawyers from across the state in Sacramento for CAOC’s annual Justice Day, April 30, 2019. On Justice Day you will spend the day meeting directly with legislators, including your very own Senator and Assembly member, about pending legislation. I have attended Justice Day for 16 years. Each and every year I see attorneys coming to attend for their first time – and invariably see them come again, year after year. These new attendees have described the event to me as “life changing” “a real eye opener,” “the best event I have attended in years,” and “a real great education.”

I strongly encourage you to join us at Justice Day this year. Corporate and Insurance Industry lobbyists, hostile to our civil justice system and rights, work daily to move legislation through Sacramento. You will learn firsthand about the bills and agendas of these special interests and get a crash course in effective legislative advocacy. Justice Day provides a great opportunity to jump into the waters of issue advocacy and relationship building with the legislators that represent you. As part of Justice Day, you will receive orientation and training in the legislative process and laws related to issue advocacy in Sacramento – and get MCLE credit to boot!

Most importantly, by attending Justice Day on April 30th your voice will be heard by those in Sacramento for the cause of civil justice, consumer rights and court access.

For those attending, we will be holding our 13th annual OCTLA Justice Day Eve gathering at the Sawyer Hotel on the evening of April 29th. All Justice Day attendees are invited to join us for drinks, dessert and a great opportunity to visit with your fellow trial lawyers and elected representatives. We look forward to seeing you all there! Register at

Palm Springs 2019

OCTLA is proud to be again partnering with CAOC and the Consumer Attorneys of the Inland Empire (CAOIE) to bring you one of the Annual Palm Springs Seminar, May 3-5, 2019 at the Omni Rancho Las Palmas Resort and Spa in Rancho Mirage.

Join us for golf on Thursday, May 2 and then join the brightest stars in the Trial Lawyer community in the fun and sun of Rancho Mirage for the very best MCLE programs available. From sharpening trial skills to conducting devastating discovery, from the latest strategies on handling Howell, Sanchez and Pebley issues to a “Fireside chat with the Masters” we know what you want, and we are bringing it all to the 2019 Palm Springs Seminar.

Our Friday keynote is trial legend R. Rex Parris on “Stop Being Stupid: Things We Do in Trial That Make No Sense” and on Saturday, the incomparable Carl Douglas will deliver the keynote “Don’t Be Afraid To Lose.” Three days and three nights of great events, and a beautiful location to bring the family for a well-deserved retreat. Don’t miss it – Register today at

B James Pantone B James Pantone

B. James Pantone is an attorney with the law firm of DiMarco | Araujo | Montevideo, A Professional Law Corporation, located in Santa Ana, where his practice is dedicated to the rights of injured parties with a focus in the areas of product liability, wrongful death and personal injury.

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