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Join the OCTLA community and be part of a “virtual law firm”

B James Pantone
2019 March

If you are a plaintiff’s attorney in Orange County, or who frequently handles cases in Orange County, there is perhaps no greater investment you can make in your practice and career than to join OCTLA. At the very heart of OCTLA is the bond between its members. It bears repeating: We are a community, a band of brothers and sisters, bound together by a common cause and shared system of values. As in any true community, our members look after one another, and help each other to grow, prosper and succeed. As a member of OCTLA you will “Take No Challenge Alone!”

OCTLA provides our members with a wealth of resources to sharpen their trial skills, stay on the cutting edge of ever-evolving legal issues affecting their practice, and the knowledge to promote and support laws affecting their clients’ access to justice.

The OCTLA list serve: A virtual law firm

Whether you are a sole practitioner or part of a law firm, OCTLA’s list serve is an indispensable weapon in your fight for justice. Our founders conceived of OCTLA as a mechanism for its members to share their collective resources, knowledge and experience. The listserve takes advantage of today’s technology to virtually connect OCTLA’s members in real time. The result is access to the insights and experience of all your fellow OCTLA members. Wondering about the new judge you were assigned to? The mediators or arbitrators defense counsel or the insurance company is suggesting? Get the unvarnished facts with confidence. Looking for information on a nefarious defense expert just designated in your big case? Reach out on list serve and get the down low on their strengths and weaknesses, maybe even a depo or three. Confused about how to handle a specific motion? Need a motion in limine on a specific issue? Reach out to your fellow members through the list serve and watch the information flow in, including draft motions. Where else can you go in real time and get feedback from OCTLA members such as Wylie Aitken, Dan Hodes, Brad and Brandon Simon, and Greg Bentley along with almost 500 others? Take no challenge alone. 

OCTLA’s document bank

OCTLA members can access over 1,300 documents generously shared by their fellow OCTLA members by simply signing onto the OCTLA website. The document bank grows on an almost daily basis, as members can easily upload documents on the website directly into the document bank. Wherever you are in the litigation process, you will find documents to help you along. Complaint? Got that. Opposition to Motion for Summary Judgment? Sample motion in limine on Pebley or Sanchez? We have you covered. Whatever you may need, chances are you will find it in the document bank. Prelitigation demands, complaints, pleading motions and oppositions, discovery and discovery motions, motions in limine, post-trial motions: We have you covered. If you cannot find what you need, ask on the OCTLA list serve and you will likely find a fellow OCTLA member willing to help. In addition, you can access almost 900 expert witness deposition transcripts. All free, and at your fingertips – the document bank is searchable for ease of access. That is the strength of the OCTLA online community, and the power of OCTLA membership. Take no challenge alone. 

OCTLA’s list serve, document and deposition banks, case evaluation panel, mentorship program, Breakfast Clubs and MCLE programs are just some of the ways OCTLA provides invaluable support for members of the plaintiff’s bar. Yet the greatest benefit of joining OCTLA is being a member of the OCTLA community. 

I learned this from personal experience. When I look back at my practice throughout the years, almost every pivotal, significant moment in my career is anchored in some way to another OCTLA member. I came to Orange County after having practiced in San Diego the better part of a decade. For years, several colleagues spoke in glowing terms of the Orange County plaintiff’s trial bar, encouraging me to move my practice to join the community. But even before moving to Orange County, OCTLA members had an indelible impact on my practice and my growth as an attorney.

I met Joe Dunn as a first-year attorney trying to navigate the California Coordinated Breast Implant Litigation. As Plaintiff’s liaison counsel, Joe reached out to me, and made me feel welcome. He introduced me around to such legal luminaries as Mark Robinson, Dan Hodes and Anne Andrews. He was always available for questions and guidance as I learned to navigate the complex world of mass tort and medical products liability.

Anne Andrews and Joe Dunn became great mentors and lifelong friends. After finally talking me into moving to Orange County, I was introduced to John Adams, who offered me space in his office – another brilliant attorney, mentor and lifelong friend. Then Anne connected me with Yoshi Kubota, who promptly asked why I wasn’t a member of OCTLA yet. So I joined (because no one says no to Yoshi) and the rich tapestry of connections, support, kindness and spirit of the OCTLA community became clear. I was introduced to John Montevideo, another great mentor, whose political engagement and savvy leadership at CAOC inspired me to serve on the OCTLA Board. Year after year, the connections I have made through OCTLA and its members have enhanced my professional life and career, even my personal life.

My story is common. It speaks to the power of OCTLA, the kindness and passion of its members and their commitment to justice and supporting one another. It is the strength of the OCTLA community: A band of brothers and sisters, champions for justice. Join us today, and take no challenge alone!

B James Pantone B James Pantone

B. James Pantone is an attorney with the law firm of DiMarco | Araujo | Montevideo, A Professional Law Corporation, located in Santa Ana, where his practice is dedicated to the rights of injured parties with a focus in the areas of product liability, wrongful death and personal injury.

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