CAOC works to get to know candidates – and vice versa

CAOC-endorsed candidates for the June primary election

2022 May

The vetting and endorsement of candidates for the California Legislature is an important service of CAOC to our members. Because the actions of the State Senate and Assembly have a major impact on the practice of our members, it is important to elect legislators who support the civil justice system.

As we approach the June primary election, CAOC leadership and active members have been conducting interviews of candidates the last few months to select potential legislators for endorsement and support by the CAOC Political Action Committee. Across the state, our panel members have generously contributed their time for Zoom meetings with candidates.

Candidates actively seek the support of CAOC because our endorsement carries great credibility as well as significant financial support. During the interviews, the candidates explain why they are running and take questions from our panel members. These interviews are important not only for hearing the issue positions and viability of the candidates, but also to educate candidates about how our members protect consumers. Many candidates are very unfamiliar with the civil justice system and appreciate learning about the service provided by plaintiffs’ attorneys.

We greatly appreciate our volunteer panel members. These interviews have been particularly important this year because of the large number of open legislative seats. Thirty-seven legislators have retired or are seeking other elected positions. This year is also active due to the new districts created by the California Redistricting Commission.

Here are just some of the endorsed candidates resulting from our interviews.

Dave Jones is seeking the seat of outgoing Senator Richard Pan in Sacramento. Jones was a great ally of CAOC as the California Insurance Commissioner.

Lola Smallwood Cuevas is seeking the seat of outgoing Senator Sydney Kamlager in Los Angeles.

Damon Connolly, an attorney and county supervisor, is running for the open seat of Assemblymember Marc Levine in Marin County.

Christy Holstege, a plaintiff’s attorney, is seeking the open seat of retiring Assemblymember Chad Mayes in the Palm Springs region.

Tina McKinnor is in a special election for the vacant seat of former Assemblymember Autumn Burke in Los Angeles.

Josh Lowenthal is seeking the open seat of Assemblymember Patrick O’Donnell in Long Beach.

Georgette Gomez is a candidate for the vacant seat of former Assemblymember Lorena Gonzalez.

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