2014 March

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Articles in this issue:

Evaluating liability at the outset of your case

Spend time on the informal but crucial case evaluation before you run off to file a case

Martin I. Aarons

2014 March

“There should have been a stop sign”

The tools to defeat defendant’s motions based on statutory defenses for a dangerous condition of public property

Greg Bentley
Steven M. Schuetze

2014 March

Litigating slips, trips and falls: Don’t fall on your face

If you have a credible client, the elements of liability and have taken steps to preserve the evidence, this can be a rewarding case

Jeffrey Greenman

2014 March

Medical-care issues that can kill your personal-injury case

Don’t let defendants try to use malpractice as a shield to defeat your case

Steven Heimberg

2014 March

Third-party criminal activity and premises liability

Foreseeability and safety precautions are keys to liability

2014 March

Building blocks: Construction defects 101

The complexity, statute-of-limitation issues and high cost may explain why defect cases have become such a specialty

2014 March

The odyssey of Soule v. General Motors: The untold story

It has been 20 years since this landmark case in products liability. The author was part of it and now looks back

2014 March

Proving your premises case before trial

Evaluating the client and the case from intake through discovery

Ibiere N. Seck

2014 March

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