Ara Jabagchourian

Ara Jabagchourian

Ara Jabagchourian is a partner at Cotchett, Pitre & McCarthy LLP, where he practices civil litigation in several areas, including financial fraud, injury and intellectual property. Prior to joining private practice, Jabagchourian served as a staff attorney for the Federal Trade Commission’s Bureau of Competition in Washington, D.C.

Articles written by this author:

The fundamentals in establishing a fraud case

A look at the issues and law that arise in fraud cases at differing stages of litigation

Ara Jabagchourian

2014 January

Howell and the cost of future care for Medicare recipients

How Howell relates to a claimed Medicare reduction on future medical expenses

Ara Jabagchourian
Christopher Lavorato

2014 June

Web privacy litigation – Where is it heading?

Google and Facebook may know more about us than we want them to, but exactly what privacy laws have they violated, and do these laws take into account today’s electronic business models?

Ara Jabagchourian

2015 February