John Steven West

John Steven West

John Steven West is a partner in the law firm of Allred, Maroko & Goldberg. Since 1983, he has specialized in representing plaintiffs primarily in the area of employment law and in tort and business claims. His clients range from assembly-line workers to high-earning senior executives. Mr. West’s practice ranges from pre-litigation negotiations to all aspects of litigation, including appeals. He recently represented clients successfully before the California Supreme Court in a case involving the special employment doctrine, obtaining a reversal of a prior published decision by the Court of Appeal. Mr. West is a frequent speaker before various attorney and business groups on issues in employment law. He has served as a court-appointed arbitrator in numerous civil disputes and is a regular contributor to Advocate on employment-law issues.

Articles written by this author:

Anti-SLAPP: Caveat actor, writer and broadcast personality

Recent, ever broader interpretations of the statute may be burdensome to certain employment claims

John Steven West

2015 June

Does the anti-SLAPP statute discriminate against FEHA plaintiffs?

An analysis of [case]Decambre[/case] and how it injected the [case]McDonnell-Douglas[/case] burden-shifting test into anti-SLAPP motion consideration

John Steven West

2016 June

Intentional infliction of emotional distress in employment

You might be outraged at what is not outrageous for purposes of the tort claim

John Steven West

2018 May

The anti-SLAPP statute in 2020

Only the strong or the very well prepared survive, no matter what the cases say

John Steven West

2020 May