Shawn McCann

Shawn McCann

Shawn McCann is a partner at Banafsheh, Danesh & Javid. He graduated from Loyola Law School in 2003. Shawn handles a broad variety of cases regarding personal injury and product liability. He serves on the Board of Governors for Consumer Attorneys Association of Los Angeles and Consumer Attorneys of California and was recently admitted into American Board of Trial Advocates. He currently serves as CAALA President.

Articles written by this author:

Laying the foundation for electronic and documentary evidence at trial

How to authenticate and lay a foundation for the content of writings, videotapes and information from the Web including Google Maps

Shawn McCann
Lauren Horwitz

2015 October

The 70th President of the Consumer Attorneys Association of Los Angeles

“I wanted to be a lawyer since I was six, but I was afraid to tell anyone”

Shawn McCann

2019 January

What’s changed about CAALA? Inclusion

That’s the biggest change during my 15-year journey from newbie to CAALA president

Shawn McCann

2019 February

A deserved reputation

At CAALA we’ve got your back, and so did my friend and mentor, Jim O’Callahan, whose passing we mourn

Shawn McCann

2019 March

Participate in the evolution of CAALA

CAALA is adapting and changing, and nowhere is that more evident than in participatory education programs for new lawyers

Shawn McCann

2019 April

Law Day 2019

Recognition must be given to the courts, and that includes adequately funding them

Shawn McCann

2019 May

Connecting members to the Court

CAALA offers many opportunities to meet judges in a more casual, relaxed setting

Shawn McCann

2019 July

In the good old summertime

Some thoughts as to the interaction between our profession and our real lives

Shawn McCann

2019 August

What event had its start in 1983?

Then, as today, it’s all about “connection”

Shawn McCann

2019 September

CAALA Vegas by the numbers

The numbers were incredible, but so too was the work done behind the scenes

Shawn McCann

2019 November