Tilak Gupta

Tilak Gupta

Tilak Gupta is the founding partner of Law Offices of Tilak Gupta. He received his B.A. from Occidental College and his J.D. from Loyola Law School of Los Angeles. Mr. Gupta represents individuals in employment law discrimination, harassment, retaliation, whistleblower, and wrongful termination cases.

Articles written by this author:

Arbitration changes in 2020

Understanding the two employment and consumer arbitration bills signed into law in 2019

Tilak Gupta

2020 February

SB 707 and AB 51 – an update

An update on these NEW consumer-friendly laws, currently held up in litigation. Be ready to brief the court now

Tilak Gupta

2020 November

Using deposition testimony to support your motion to compel

Make it harder for defense to justify withholding documents you need

Tilak Gupta

2022 February

When the defendants do not timely pay arbitration fees

Using SB 707 (CCP §§ 1280, 1281) to escape arbitration: the statutes and case law

Tilak Gupta

2023 March