Torsten Bassell

Torsten Bassell

Torsten Bassell is a partner at Lari-Joni & Bassell, LLP. He has tried personal injury and wrongful death cases throughout California, resulting in verdicts featured by The Recorder and The National Law Journal as some of the ‘Top 100 Verdicts’ in California and the nation. He is a past finalist for CAALA’s Rising Star Award, CAALA’s Trial Lawyer of the Year Award and CAOC’s Street Fighter of the Year Award.

Articles written by this author:

Earnings claims and special vs. general damages

Asserting a claim for future loss-of-earning-capacity damages rather than future loss-of-earnings

Nicole Lari-Joni
Torsten Bassell

2015 January

Preparing experts post-<em>Sargon</em>

Preparing experts post-Sargon

Sargon reaffirmed that expert opinion cannot be speculative or based on conjecture

Torsten Bassell

2018 October