Abraham Khan

Abraham Khan

Hon. Abraham Khan (Ret.) is a neutral with Signature Resolution, focused on resolving business and commercial contracts, employment, real estate, entertainment industry, landlord/tenant, eminent domain, civil rights, and personal injury disputes. Prior to his retirement from the bench on March 1, 2020, he served more than 30 years on the Los Angeles Superior and Municipal Courts, the last six years as a full-time settlement conference judge handling complex and unlimited jurisdiction civil cases for the civil division at both the Stanley Mosk and Spring Street courthouses. For more than a decade, Judge Khan was a member of the Los Angeles Superior Court’s arbitration/alternate dispute resolution committee and served as vice-chair of the committee. Contact: judgekhan@signatureresolution.com.

Articles written by this author:

An introduction to the Los Angeles Superior Court Judicial Mandatory Settlement Conference Program

This free program is staffed by civil court judges who dedicate their time exclusively to presiding over MSCs

Zaven V. Sinanian
Abraham Khan

2019 July

Don’t let a liquidated-damages clause nullify your settlement agreement

When a settlement agreement includes a liquidated-damages provision it may become subject to heightened scrutiny

Abraham Khan

2023 September

Liquidated damages could nullify a settlement agreement

A review of the civil code and court decisions that define this common contract clause

Abraham Khan

2024 February