Geraldine Ly

Geraldine Ly

Geraldine Ly, the new president of OCTLA, practices at the Law Offices of Geraldine Ly in Santa Ana.  Her practice emphasizes workers’ compensation and personal injury law. She frequently handles cases that have an overlap between workers’ comp and personal injury law.

Articles written by this author:

#Me, Too

Yes, it happens even to tough women lawyers

Geraldine Ly

2018 March

Here’s what’s new at OCTLA

Charitable cause selected for 2018 Top Gun Awards Gala, Palm Springs Seminar and Justice Day plans announced

Geraldine Ly

2018 April

Taking the unplug challenge

How much email is too much?

Geraldine Ly

2018 May

Is someone you know deserving of a Top Gun Award?

Nominations for OCTLA’s Top Gun Awards are open now through July 31

Geraldine Ly

2018 June

Bar exam blues

Are law schools failing their students?

Geraldine Ly

2018 July

We can all spread some kindness

Can you find something generous to do today?

Geraldine Ly

2018 August

OCTLA Gives Back

Association has raised over $1 million to help Orange County children and families in need

Geraldine Ly

2018 September

And the winner is...

Meet this year’s impressive TOP GUN honorees

Geraldine Ly

2018 October

Learning to practice what I preach, the hard way

Taking time to take care of yourself may avoid taking time off to get well

Geraldine Ly

2018 November

2018 Year in Review

A year that feels like a decade of change, awareness, shock and disbelief

Geraldine Ly

2018 December