Norman Pine

Norman Pine

Norman Pine is a founder of the appellate firm Pine Tillett Pine, specializing in plaintiff-side appeals with an emphasis on employment matters. Norm Pine has been editor of the Advocate Employment Law issue since 2001 when he took over for legendary employment lawyer Joe Posner. He and his wife and law partner, Beverly Tillett Pine, founded the appellate firm of Pine and Pine, predecessor to Pine Tillett Pine.  Norm was named CAALA’s Appellate Lawyer of the Year in 2003 and, jointly with Beverly, won CELA’s “Joe Posner” award in 2008.

Articles written by this author:

Oral argument

Do not waive it; maximize the opportunities it presents

Norman Pine

2015 December

Eleven cases that every employment lawyer should know about

Cases filled with great weapons that can be used to defeat summary judgments, obtain better fee awards, win appeals, and help refute many thorny defense arguments

Norman Pine

2016 June

Employment law

Another year, another mountain of important employment law – and our authors’ wisdom on how to use it

Norman Pine
Beverly Tillett Pine

2017 June

“The times they are a-changin’”

From #BlackLivesMatter to #NeverAgain and #MeToo, it feels like profound change is upon us

Norman Pine

2018 May

Seeing employees through a different light

When defense counsel denigrates “employees looking to get a free ride,” it may be proper to remind the jury of today’s real heroes

Scott Tillett
Norman Pine

2020 May