2024 May

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Articles in this issue:

We won another round in the fight against asbestos K

And we continue to fight against federal preemption and forced arbitration

Linda A. Lipsen

2024 May

The Fifth Amendment in civil cases

The right against self-incrimination is simply inapplicable in many contexts

James Perry

2024 May

The beginning of the middle

Settling in and finding your race pace

2024 May

Medi-Cal liens processing speed should be improving

Also: Addressing senior abuse at nursing homes and financial scams against seniors

Nancy Peverini

2024 May

April showers bring May flowers

From Casino Night in Hollywood at LATLC to Orange County’s annual charity roast

Bradley S. Wallace
Michelle M. West

2024 May

Understanding IRS Forms 1099

Ignore them at your own peril

Robert W. Wood

2024 May

Fighting back when big-box stores remove your state-court lawsuit to federal court

Fighting back when big-box stores remove your state-court lawsuit to federal court

They want to try these cases without any meaningful voir dire and where you need a unanimous jury verdict

Mauro Fiore

2024 May

Put the client first when you make deals with your vendors

Ethical considerations and practical suggestions in case financing, AI products and social-media advertising

Robert T. Simon

2024 May

Degrees of privacy in federal court

The three-way split on protection for mental-health-counseling records

Bill Foster

2024 May

Boot camp for civil lawyers

Boot camp for civil lawyers

Did your client ever serve in the military? A look at laws impacting veterans

Eileen C. Moore

2024 May

The Texas Two-Step

A legitimate federal tool to deal with mass-tort claims?

James Stang
Jonathan Kim

2024 May

Pre-judgment writ of attachment against uninsured employers

Labor Code section 3602 shatters the exclusive remedy defense, opening up civil remedies when employers neglect to carry workers’ compensation insurance

Adam J. Savin

2024 May

Deftly navigating insurance-coverage disputes

A message from the Tortured Insurance Lawyers Department

Sara A. McClain

2024 May

Personal injury late-claim applications

Three steps to know before suing a government entity

Michael S. Fields

2024 May

Don’t let your civil complaint stray too far from your government claim

Making sure your civil complaint against a public entity is “fairly reflected” in the government claim

Scott E. Boyer

2024 May

The Golden Rule

Invoking empathy without violating the Golden Rule

John P. Blumberg

2024 May

Navigating Privette requires a bit of magic these days

Examining the Privette doctrine in light of recent case law on bringing multi-employer jobsite-injury cases or workers’ comp crossover cases

Ryan Casey
Jordan Phillips

2024 May

Why would anyone want to practice in federal court?

Because it’s where we fight for our clients’ civil rights

Ibiere N. Seck

2024 May

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