Linda A. Lipsen

Linda A. Lipsen

Ms. Lipsen was named Chief Executive Officer of the American Association for Justice (AAJ), formerly known as the Association of Trial Lawyers of America (ATLA), in April 2010. She joined the organization in 1993 to direct AAJ’s Public Affairs department.

Articles written by this author:

AAJ Washington Update

AAJ: Adjusting to the stark reality of COVID-19

Linda A. Lipsen

2020 May

AAJ stands up against demands for COVID-19 blanket immunity

Taking the lead against corporate America’s attempt to take advantage of the COVID-19 Pandemic for their anti-worker, anti-consumer agenda

Linda A. Lipsen

2020 June

AAJ stands against police misconduct

National organization actively working with the Congressional Black Caucus to produce legislation to end the militarization of state and local police departments

Linda A. Lipsen

2020 July

Positive legislation news from AAJ

Bill passes U.S. House to raise commercial trucking insurance minimum to $2 million, Amtrak’s forced arbitration with injured passengers would end

Linda A. Lipsen

2020 August

AAJ fighting against COVID-19 immunity laws

Republicans seek broad immunity for corporations in the Safe to Work Act

Linda A. Lipsen

2020 September

AAJ defeats extreme tort reform proposal in Senate

COVID-19 tort reform would have been a disaster for individual civil rights

Linda A. Lipsen

2020 October

AAJ is working to protect your practice

Personal jurisdiction before the U.S. Supreme Court, and non-lawyer ownership and fee sharing in two states

Linda A. Lipsen

2020 November

2020 Election

Results revealed a mixed verdict

Linda A. Lipsen

2020 December

AAJ leads fight to remove tort reform section from COVID-19 relief package

Proposed language would have impacted any med-mal or public-nuisance action even tangentially related to COVID-19

Linda A. Lipsen

2021 January

Momentum building in Congress to eliminate forced arbitration

Also: AAJ staff seeks feedback on emergency rules for court operations, including changes to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure

Linda A. Lipsen

2021 March

AAJ provides advocacy on ending qualified immunity

A snapshot of qualified immunity and other urgent advocacy issues we’re working on

Linda A. Lipsen

2021 April

Looking forward with optimism; pursuing an affirmative agenda

Legislative efforts include ending forced arbitration, laws for automated driving, eliminating qualified immunity, and raising trucking insurance minimums

Linda A. Lipsen

2021 May

Forced arbitration

New AAJ report examines lack of diversity among arbitrators

Linda A. Lipsen

2021 July

New federal judiciary nominations

Administration prioritizes filling judicial vacancies with diverse nominees

Linda A. Lipsen

2021 August

The impact of proposed cyber security bills on private litigation

Also: Corporate abuse of the bankruptcy system to detriment of corporate wrongdoing victims

Linda A. Lipsen

2021 September

Congress introduces bill to end forced arbitration in nursing homes

Also: Biden nominates a former plaintiff’s attorney and the first openly LGBT woman to serve on any federal circuit court

Linda A. Lipsen

2021 October

A look at Biden’s judicial nominations

Also: COVID business-interruption claims take a hit at Ninth Circuit

Linda A. Lipsen

2021 November

Senate committee approves arbitration-reform bill

Would end forced arbitration for sexual assault and harassment claims

Linda A. Lipsen

2021 December

Winter convention in Palm Springs to feature 30 speakers with programming focused on your practice

Also: Please sign a pledge to support racial diversity and inclusion in your firm

Linda A. Lipsen

2022 January

Big progress on ending forced arbitration

Senate Bill S.2342 wins bipartisan support, Biden expected to sign

Linda A. Lipsen

2022 March

The end of forced arbitration for sexual assault and harassment

Also: New lien rule for Medicare reimbursement following a settlement

Linda A. Lipsen

2022 April

Kudos to Consumer Attorneys of California on MICRA reform

Also: Automated-vehicles legislation continues to advance in many states

Linda A. Lipsen

2022 June

Camp LeJeune Justice Act makes progress in Senate and House

Also: Supreme Court allows state Medicaid programs to raid settlement proceeds earmarked for future medical care

Linda A. Lipsen

2022 July

Camp Lejeune Justice Act brings justice to veterans

Also, Georgia Trial Lawyers amicus brief helps Georgia Court to reject the “Apex Doctrine” shielding corporate officers

Linda A. Lipsen

2022 August

Biden signs Camp Lejeune Justice Act

Also: Congress establishes civil cause of action for use of intimate images without consent

Linda A. Lipsen

2022 September

Senate passes Speak Out Act by voice vote

Also: More special masters for Vaccine Court and changes to Federal Rules of Civil Procedure

Linda A. Lipsen

2022 November

Protecting your clients’ interests by shaping policy in Washington

Data privacy, the regulation of autonomous vehicles and state insurance minimums are among policy issues

Linda A. Lipsen

2023 January

The face of the federal judiciary

Biden has confirmed almost 100 judges and greatly diversified the bench

Linda A. Lipsen

2023 February

Third Circuit says J&J can’t create a subsidiary to unload its liabilities

Also: States aggressively push to limit corporate liability for causing harm

Linda A. Lipsen

2023 March

Federal legislation offered to prohibit arbitration in cases of race discrimination

Also: Massachusetts statutory interest rates declared constitutional in $37M judgment against Philip Morris

Linda A. Lipsen

2023 June

The advocacy you need in Washington

Progress made on trucking insurance, forced arbitration and medical malpractice award limits

Linda A. Lipsen

2023 July

Supreme Court wrapped up a busy and controversial term

AAJ filed amicus curiae briefs on arbitration, consent jurisdiction, Private right of action for FNHRA violations and Section 230 immunity

Linda A. Lipsen

2023 August

Congressional hearing on litigation funding a sham

Also: Chapter 11 Bankruptcy misused to evade responsibility in mass torts

Linda A. Lipsen

2023 November

Holding bad actors accountable for killing and injuring Americans

We’re fighting federal preemption, seeking reform in truck accident litigation, and vigorously supporting the right to a jury trial

Linda A. Lipsen

2023 December

Priorities in the new year

AI and federal privacy legislation must prioritize the rights and safety of the American people over the corporate profits of Big Tech

Linda A. Lipsen

2024 January

Minimum federal trucking insurance to increase to $5 million

Also: The forced arbitration battle, judicial diversity, amicus curiae briefs

Linda A. Lipsen

2024 February

Having your day in court

From lobbying Congress to opposing state bills that would limit plaintiffs’ litigation financing

Linda A. Lipsen

2024 March

Seeking higher minimum limits for federal trucking insurance

Also, opposing immunity legislation for corporations

Linda A. Lipsen

2024 April

We won another round in the fight against asbestos K

And we continue to fight against federal preemption and forced arbitration

Linda A. Lipsen

2024 May

Tort reform is again called for by insurers

Also: a rundown of state supreme court rulings on punitive damage caps

Linda A. Lipsen

2024 June

Restoring Justice for Workers Act

Also: Chemical corporations push for nationwide immunity for pesticide claims

Linda A. Lipsen

2024 July