Linda A. Lipsen

Linda A. Lipsen

Ms. Lipsen was named Chief Executive Officer of the American Association for Justice (AAJ), formerly known as the Association of Trial Lawyers of America (ATLA), in April 2010. She joined the organization in 1993 to direct AAJ’s Public Affairs department.

Articles written by this author:

AAJ Washington Update

AAJ: Adjusting to the stark reality of COVID-19

Linda A. Lipsen

2020 May

AAJ stands up against demands for COVID-19 blanket immunity

Taking the lead against corporate America’s attempt to take advantage of the COVID-19 Pandemic for their anti-worker, anti-consumer agenda

Linda A. Lipsen

2020 June

AAJ stands against police misconduct

National organization actively working with the Congressional Black Caucus to produce legislation to end the militarization of state and local police departments

Linda A. Lipsen

2020 July

Positive legislation news from AAJ

Bill passes U.S. House to raise commercial trucking insurance minimum to $2 million, Amtrak’s forced arbitration with injured passengers would end

Linda A. Lipsen

2020 August

AAJ fighting against COVID-19 immunity laws

Republicans seek broad immunity for corporations in the Safe to Work Act

Linda A. Lipsen

2020 September

AAJ defeats extreme tort reform proposal in Senate

COVID-19 tort reform would have been a disaster for individual civil rights

Linda A. Lipsen

2020 October

AAJ is working to protect your practice

Personal jurisdiction before the U.S. Supreme Court, and non-lawyer ownership and fee sharing in two states

Linda A. Lipsen

2020 November

2020 Election

Results revealed a mixed verdict

Linda A. Lipsen

2020 December

AAJ leads fight to remove tort reform section from COVID-19 relief package

Proposed language would have impacted any med-mal or public-nuisance action even tangentially related to COVID-19

Linda A. Lipsen

2021 January

Momentum building in Congress to eliminate forced arbitration

Also: AAJ staff seeks feedback on emergency rules for court operations, including changes to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure

Linda A. Lipsen

2021 March

AAJ provides advocacy on ending qualified immunity

A snapshot of qualified immunity and other urgent advocacy issues we’re working on

Linda A. Lipsen

2021 April

Looking forward with optimism; pursuing an affirmative agenda

Legislative efforts include ending forced arbitration, laws for automated driving, eliminating qualified immunity, and raising trucking insurance minimums

Linda A. Lipsen

2021 May

Forced arbitration

New AAJ report examines lack of diversity among arbitrators

Linda A. Lipsen

2021 July

New federal judiciary nominations

Administration prioritizes filling judicial vacancies with diverse nominees

Linda A. Lipsen

2021 August

The impact of proposed cyber security bills on private litigation

Also: Corporate abuse of the bankruptcy system to detriment of corporate wrongdoing victims

Linda A. Lipsen

2021 September