Nancy Peverini

Nancy Peverini

Nancy Peverini is Legislative Director of the Consumer Attorneys of California. She can be reached at

Articles written by this author:

I am just a bill

A look at how your ideas can become law, and the proposals for new laws currently being considered for support by CAOC

Nancy Peverini

2020 February

Legislative program for 2020 to be launched in Sacramento

Low auto insurance limits, court reporter issues and lack of uniformity in local court rules on the agenda

Nancy Peverini

2020 March

CAOC 2020 Legislative Package

A look at the issues CAOC will address in Sacramento this year

Nancy Peverini

2020 April

Eyes on the goal

“Circumstances may cause interruptions and delays, but never lose sight of your goal.” — Mario Andretti

Nancy Peverini

2020 July

An annus horribilis

From the statutes of limitation extensions to the civil rights crisis to immunity bills, we’re working in Sacramento to protect the legal rights of all citizens

Nancy Peverini

2020 September

Our pandemic legislative year

Bills we sent to the governor include SB1146 that will cement the use of e-service and remote video depositions

Nancy Peverini

2020 October

A year like no other

Dysfunction ruled the California Legislature but progress was made in e-service and remote depos while tort reform was again turned back

Nancy Peverini

2020 November

Turning the page on 2020

Courts Crisis Committee to evaluate options in dealing with the COVID crisis in the civil courts

Nancy Peverini

2020 December

CAOC: Pushing forward in second year of pandemic with good legislation

CAOC is working on all fronts to heighten the functionality of the courts as we proceed through the pandemic

Nancy Peverini

2021 January

CAOC announces 2021 legislative priorities

Making courts more efficient in this pandemic is priority one!

Nancy Peverini

2021 April

CAOC Legislative report 2021 – not one tort reform bill passed!

A look at trial lawyers’ priorities with the new legislative session as CAOC’s November convention approaches

Nancy Peverini

2021 October