Saveena K. Takhar

Saveena K. Takhar

Saveena K. Takhar is the legislative counsel at Consumer Attorneys Association of California.  She holds an M.B.A. from Cal State Sacramento and is a 2014 graduate of University of the Pacific – McGeorge School of Law.

Articles written by this author:

New laws affecting your practice

Remote depos and e-service will be permanent improvements to the civil justice system

Saveena K. Takhar

2021 March

CAOC prepares to battle initiatives on attorney’s fees, PAGA

Attorney fees ballot initiative would cap contingency fees at 20%, an unprecedented limit

Jacquie Serna
Saveena K. Takhar

2021 December

Another attempt to modify the policy-limit-demand structure

Insurance industry wants to change rules for time-limited demands; wants more time to investigate and a laundry-list of supporting documents

Saveena K. Takhar

2022 April

New California law bans State Bar’s pursuit of corporately owned law firms

The State Bar’s attempt to change the practice of law in California meets an abrupt end – for now

Nancy Drabble
Saveena K. Takhar

2022 November

CAOC’s 2023 agenda

Preventing elder fraud and protecting civil justice

Jacquie Serna
Saveena K. Takhar

2023 March

With SB 365, CAOC looks to stop corporate abuse when arbitration is denied

When a company’s arbitration agreement with an employee or customer is ruled invalid, too often the corporation will file a frivolous appeal to delay the victim’s case

Saveena K. Takhar

2023 May

Keeping expert testimony real and reasonable

CAOC-sponsored bill addressing Kline v. Zimmer headed to Gov. Newsom

Saveena K. Takhar

2023 July

Wrapping up the 2023 legislative session – a winner!

State convention is November 16, and we’re looking ahead to 2024 including the election

Saveena K. Takhar
Lea-Ann Tratten

2023 October

Arbitration reform: SB 365 signed!

A consumer victory over a top Chamber of Commerce “Kill” Bill

Saveena K. Takhar

2023 November

Staying ahead of emerging industries and technologies

From Uber/Lyft to the more recent peer-to-peer car-sharing and Autonomous vehicles, laws must be adapted to protect consumers

Nancy Peverini
Saveena K. Takhar

2024 March

Shaping civil-procedure legislation in Sacramento

Mandatory mediation for matters of $150,000 or less is proposed by certain bar associations and superior courts

Saveena K. Takhar

2024 June