Lea-Ann Tratten

Lea-Ann Tratten

Lea-Ann Tratten guides CAOC’s political operations, including research and support of candidates and statewide causes favoring consumer legal rights. She helped defeat three initiatives and kept five anti-consumer measures off the ballot. As a legislative advocate, she specializes in environmental and insurance law, civil procedure and health care, including landmark legislation holding HMOs accountable for injuries to patients. She has a law degree from McGeorge School of Law.

Articles written by this author:

The wheels of justice

In Loomis v. Amazon and AB 1182, the court system and the legislative process collided, and consumers won

Lea-Ann Tratten

2021 July

A look at the new California Legislature

Get to know those legislators who may be serving California for the next 12 years; a lot of attorneys

Lea-Ann Tratten

2023 February

A period prone to mischief

Legislature’s session nears its end and many bills are still pending

Lea-Ann Tratten

2023 September

Wrapping up the 2023 legislative session – a winner!

State convention is November 16, and we’re looking ahead to 2024 including the election

Saveena K. Takhar
Lea-Ann Tratten

2023 October

A look at CAOC’s endorsed legislative candidates in 2024

Electing legislators who will fight to protect Californians’ legal rights

Lea-Ann Tratten

2024 January

Newsom has high regard for the court system, it has been spared major budget cuts

Also: CAOC meets with Health Services to shorten delay in settling Medi-Cal liens

Lea-Ann Tratten

2024 February