Douglas Vanderpool

Douglas Vanderpool

Doug Vanderpool is an “attorney’s trial attorney.” Often hired by his peers and former adversaries, Mr. Vanderpool develops novel theories and creative solutions to his clients’ legal needs. Opposing counsel learn quickly that Mr. Vanderpool is also happy to try cases and why clients hire him for his unique hands-on approach and extensive experience as a trial lawyer and strategist. One long-time client has said “hiring him was the best decision I ever made.”  Mr. Vanderpool also likes long walks on the beach, pina coladas, and teddy bears. 

Articles written by this author:

Be generous

You’ll get back a lot more than you give

Douglas Vanderpool

2022 January

Jackrabbit Homesteads

Whether rock climbing at “JT” or practicing law, it helps to have a buddy when you get stuck

Douglas Vanderpool

2022 February

Cold doesn’t have a color

The extraordinary story of one OCTLA member

Douglas Vanderpool

2022 March

Butt wipes

The key to voir dire?

Douglas Vanderpool

2022 April

Does a tree that falls in the forest make any sound?

Publicize your good deeds with charities such as OCTLC

Douglas Vanderpool

2022 May

Huge wall calendars

Tracking due dates on monthly columns and vacations. Also, people we need to thank and those we choose to honor

Douglas Vanderpool

2022 June

Life within the law

“We must live while we can, and we’ll drink our cup of laughter”

Douglas Vanderpool

2022 July

Summer in the high desert: Joshua Tree

“The jury trial began on a hot day in July 1943 in the Riverside County Superior Court…”

Douglas Vanderpool