Holly Boyer

Holly Boyer

Holly Boyer is a partner in Esner, Chang & Boyer, a boutique appellate firm with offices in Southern and Northern California. All of the partners are certified by the State Bar of California as appellate specialists. In addition to handling all aspects of appellate litigation, the firm also assists trial lawyers with dispositive and post-judgment motions. 

Articles written by this author:

Why not a Bane Act claim?

Enacted to combat hate crimes and often used in police misconduct cases, The Bane Act is a useful if little known tool

Holly Boyer

2014 December

Lost in translation

The importance of accurate jury instructions – CACI is not perfect

Holly Boyer

2015 December

You just got SLAPPed; What now?

A primer on the anti-SLAPP motion and the procedural and substantive hurdles it creates for plaintiffs

Holly Boyer
Joseph Persoff

2016 December

The Bane Act and beyond

California’s civil rights statutes, especially The Tom Bane Act, are an untapped resource that extends far beyond the usual police misconduct cases

Matthew S. McNicholas
Holly Boyer

2017 April

How to take the wind out of an appellant’s sails

Motions to dismiss an appeal, especially frivolous anti-SLAPP appeals

Holly Boyer

2018 December