Jeffrey A. Rudman

Jeffrey A. Rudman

Jeffrey A. Rudman is the President of the Consumers Attorneys Association of Los Angeles (CAALA) and the Principal of The Rudman Law Firm, APC, a boutique Martindale-Hubbell AV rated Plaintiff’s law firm handling catastrophic injury and wrongful death cases. Jeff has served on the CAALA Board since 2008, and has served as a chair of CAALA’s Membership Committee, Las Vegas Convention, and Education Committee. He is also credited with the creation of CAALA’s Online Document Bank.

Articles written by this author:

Making CAALA the very best that it can be

Looking back at my path through an association that has done so much for so many, and forward to where we want CAALA to be tomorrow

Jeffrey A. Rudman

2020 January

CAALA’s strength

Commitment from passionate and dedicated staff and members

Jeffrey A. Rudman

2020 February

Are you getting the most out of your CAALA membership?

A look at some of the notable benefits including List serve, document bank and the Plaintiff Trial Academy

Jeffrey A. Rudman

2020 March

Remembering Kobe Bryant and recognizing Mamba mentality in great trial lawyers

“Mamba mentality is understanding that every day you can work on something, every day you get better….”

Jeffrey A. Rudman

2020 April

Finding the silver lining

We see some silver linings in the examples of true human spirit during the time of coronavirus

Jeffrey A. Rudman

2020 May

Remembering dad

A look at the lawyer dads whose examples inspired sons and daughters to join our profession

Jeffrey A. Rudman

2020 June

Reacting to the murder of George Floyd

What lawyers can do to help in these times

Jeffrey A. Rudman

2020 July

Learning to adapt and embrace technology

The life of a lawyer changes with the times

Jeffrey A. Rudman

2020 August

Coping with ‘Corona’

Finding ways to channel negative energy into positive endeavors

Jeffrey A. Rudman

2020 September

Embracing the new normal in sports and the practice of law

As lawyers, we are skilled in adjusting our outlook, tactics and strategies to each case

Jeffrey A. Rudman

2020 October

A giant among our great plaintiff firms

A tribute to the contributions of Browne Greene and his partners at Greene, Broillet and Wheeler

Jeffrey A. Rudman

2020 November

CAALA 2020

“Not in my wildest dreams…"

Jeffrey A. Rudman

2020 December

Partial-hand amputations

Severed fingers and other partial-hand amputations are incredibly serious injuries requiring patients to undergo a long and onerous road to recovery

Jeffrey A. Rudman

2022 May