2017 September

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Articles in this issue:

Demander beware!

A policy-limit demand is crucial to any claim for failure to settle, but making an incorrect demand can cripple your case

Matthew Clark

2017 September

ERISA: The current state of the standard of review

Where ERISA applies in insurance cases and how courts review claims decisions made by ERISA plans

Christian J. Garris

2017 September

Bad faith, genuine dispute, and the “expert safe-harbor”

How insurance companies use biased experts to deny and underpay claims, and what to do about it

Evangeline Fisher Grossman
Christopher Dion

2017 September

Reformation of an insurance policy

Reformation is an equitable remedy that is available when the policy does not express the parties’ real agreement

James R. Kristy

2017 September

Deflategate and the California workplace

A commonsense approach to workplace investigations involving personal cell phones

Kevin Pease
Nicholas Starkman

2017 September

Be an insurance Myth Buster!

Four myths — or soon to be myths — of insurance law in California

Jeffrey I. Ehrlich

2017 September

An insurer’s duty to pay for settlements

A look at the insurer’s duty to pay for settlements even when it has reserved its rights to deny coverage

Kirk Pasich

2017 September

UIM: It’s not in dispute, so pay up!

The obligation of insurers to pay the undisputed amount of underinsured and uninsured motorists’ claims

Charles Miller

2017 September

The other tripartite relationship

When a carrier agrees to defend under reservation of rights: Rule 3-310

Steven W. Murray

2017 September

Why is there a genuine-dispute doctrine?

The differences between an insurer’s genuine-dispute defense and bad faith

Arnold Levinson

2017 September

A lawyer’s fingerprints

Lawyers must practice case management as opposed to case manipulation; with insurance bad-faith cases, your fingerprints can literally destroy the claim

Stanley K. Jacobs

2017 September

Anatomy of an ERISA-benefit claim

Accepting the ERISA case after claim denial and developing a solid record for litigation

Michelle Roberts Bartolic
Glenn R. Kantor

2017 September


The embodiment of civility

Stuart Zanville

2017 September

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