Stuart Zanville

Stuart Zanville

Stuart Zanville is the Executive Director of the Consumer Attorneys Association of Los Angeles (CAALA). Contact him at (213) 487-1212 or by e-mail:

Articles written by this author:

Damage caps in the headlines

Amtrak crash damages capped – We’ve heard this one before

Stuart Zanville

2015 July

CAALA VEGAS - A definition right out of Webster’s

If you haven’t yet registered, here’s what you will be missing. Online registration is open through September 5

Stuart Zanville

2015 August

Forced arbitration

Losing your constitutional rights, “One Piece at a Time”

Stuart Zanville

2015 September

Abraham Lincoln

A review of Lincoln’s trial work offers lessons to be learned on being a trial lawyer

Stuart Zanville

2015 October

Secrets and Lists

Facts and benefits for CAALA members

Stuart Zanville

2015 November

CAALA’s Gala: A tradition that’s not a contradiction

Celebrating the Trial Lawyer of the Year and other annual award recipients

Stuart Zanville

2015 December

The 2016 Presidential Election

Ten months away but already the most important election of our lifetime

Stuart Zanville

2016 February

Emojis: 21st century hieroglyphics

The way we will soon be communicating?

Stuart Zanville

2016 March

CAALA: It’s really a community

A trial lawyer’s typical day doesn’t include a lot of communal activity, but they are far from alone when they have CAALA

Stuart Zanville

2016 April

Changes on the horizon in consumers’ attitudes

Consumers’ perception of forced arbitration is finally changing – will the perception of trial lawyers be next?

Stuart Zanville

2016 May

The California Primary – is the Democrat really a “Democrat”?

In this pivitol year for statewide office, voting for a candidate with “Democrat” after their name might not be enough to ensure a pro-consumer vote

Stuart Zanville

2016 June

The 2016 presidential election campaign

An observation and a lesson to be learned

Stuart Zanville

2016 July

CAALA Vegas and civility

Even a Presidential candidate could learn some lessons

Stuart Zanville

2016 September

2016: The beginning of the end for forced arbitration?

Medicare bans arbitration in nursing homes it funds, while Wells Fargo scandal promises to focus light on ills of consumer arbitration clauses

Stuart Zanville

2016 November

CAALA’s Gala

Recognizing the past, looking to the future and learning to rely on one another

Stuart Zanville

2017 January

Cybersecurity hacks and attacks

Protect yourself with these seven simple tips

Stuart Zanville

2017 February

Trial lawyers

Changing public perception, one anecdote at a time

Stuart Zanville

2017 March

The President’s administration

Shiny objects, distractions and dangers

Stuart Zanville

2017 April

Happy Law Day

Facts, factoids and a serious message

Stuart Zanville

2017 May


Why it’s the No. 1 benefit of membership in CAALA

Stuart Zanville

2017 June

War on journalists

Body-slamming the First Amendment

Stuart Zanville

2017 July


Bigger and Better, since 1983

Stuart Zanville

2017 August


The embodiment of civility

Stuart Zanville

2017 September

Trial lawyers and the President

Dramatically different approaches to justice and the rule of law

Stuart Zanville

2017 October

Are you a trial lawyer?

Then you’re probably stressed

Stuart Zanville

2017 November

Lightening the overload

Tips to manage your email inbox

Stuart Zanville

2018 January

Play ball!

Baseball and trial lawyers have a lot in common, and some people you know played serious ball

Stuart Zanville

2018 February

A good list of bad corporate conduct

Everybody loves lists. Here’s one that’s anything but funny

Stuart Zanville

2018 April

“A sick, sad joke”

Mick Mulvaney, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and trial lawyers

Stuart Zanville

2018 June

Paying attention?

The Administration and the Supreme Court’s latest attacks on consumers

Stuart Zanville

2018 July

The Art of Storytelling

Movies, mutinies, trial lawyers and CAALA Vegas

Stuart Zanville

2018 August


From a bar-leader lunch to CAALA Vegas, it’s about the need to get along in the name of civil justice

Stuart Zanville

2018 September

A post-truth world

Attacks on freedom of the press and the rule of law

Stuart Zanville

2018 October

In defense of trial lawyers

Gymnast Sterling Riethman’s heartfelt words at the AAJ convention should inspire all CAALA members

Stuart Zanville

2018 November

CAALA’s 70th Gala

CAALA’s 70th Gala

A remarkable event celebrating remarkable people

Stuart Zanville

2018 December

Too much clutter?

Skip “Spring Cleaning” and try Marie Kondo’s tips

Stuart Zanville

2019 March

Protecting people

A glimmer of hope for trial lawyers from three major corporations

Stuart Zanville

2019 April

CAALA programs

Not possible without support from sponsors and advertisers

Stuart Zanville

2019 July

Sports and CAALA have a strong connection

CAALA is going for its 37th consecutive Convention championship in Las Vegas. The number and diversity of attendees gets greater each year

Stuart Zanville

2019 August


Lost nationally but found at the CAALA Convention

Stuart Zanville

2019 September

AEB - Automatic Emergency Braking

It could change your auto-accident practice dramatically within three years

Stuart Zanville

2019 October

Visual communication in the courtroom

When it comes to presentations such as Powerpoint, less is more says Brian Panish

Stuart Zanville

2019 November

2020: New Year’s resolutions

Some inspiration from CAALA members, especially our marathoners

Stuart Zanville

2020 January

Radical advice

Reduce your email inbox by writing shorter emails

Stuart Zanville

2020 February

Impeachment trial

Ominous results for believers in the importance of trial by jury

Stuart Zanville

2020 March

CAALA and judges

Members and the President have different opinions about Judges

Stuart Zanville

2020 April


While COVID-19 has caused CAALA to change, one thing will not change

Stuart Zanville

2020 May

CAALA Education: From in-person to online overnight

CAALA is one of a select few organizations certified to offer online MCLE programs

Stuart Zanville

2020 June

The state organization: CAOC

Working behind-the-scenes to protect your practice and your livelihood

Stuart Zanville

2020 July

Video conferencing is here to stay

“You can’t work at home without it.” Tips to use Zoom more effectively

Stuart Zanville

2020 August

The Election of 2020

Will He Go? Truth is stranger than fiction

Stuart Zanville

2020 October


A special look at the words and phrases that defined a year like no other

Stuart Zanville

2020 December

Kamala and CAALA

Kamala and CAALA

The connection between the VP and the Association

Stuart Zanville

2021 January

Looking to 2021

Positive changes to CAALA are overdue and necessary

Stuart Zanville

2021 February

CAALA sails forward with a realistic approach to the pandemic storm

CAALA Vegas will take place over Labor Day at the Bellagio Hotel and Casino

Stuart Zanville

2021 March

January 6 U.S. Capitol riots

The facts reveal an unexpected truth

Stuart Zanville

2021 April

Teiwaz Lawyer

Teiwaz Lawyer

Book Review: The Way of the Trial Lawyer – Beyond Technique

Stuart Zanville

2021 May

Welcome back!

The 2021 CAALA Convention will be September 2-5 at the Bellagio Resort

Stuart Zanville

2021 June

L.A. Trial Lawyers’ Charities is CAALA’s endorsed charity

Implementing David Ball’s advice on how to change the image of trial attorneys

Stuart Zanville

2021 July

CAALA Vegas returns with renewed spirit and energy

Speakers and topics reflect social justice issues facing members

Stuart Zanville

2021 August

Reaching for common ground

Use the CAALA Convention for practical lessons on how to practice civility with the defense bar

Stuart Zanville

2021 September

Tough decision

Work remotely or return to the office?

Stuart Zanville

2021 October


Looking back 17 years and seeing CAALA’s future

Stuart Zanville

2021 November

My last column

Farewell, thank you and words from some unexpected people

Stuart Zanville

2021 December