2023 September

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Articles in this issue:

Availability of injunctive relief in arbitration

The extent to which California arbitrators have the power to grant injunctive relief

Lindsey Bayman

2023 September

A convenient way to confirm a settlement

Oral mediation-settlement agreements and the use of Evidence Code section 1118

Mark Kramer

2023 September

Review, reconsideration, and correction of an arbitration award by the arbitrator

The limited circumstances under which arbitrators can correct their own awards

Jackson Lucky

2023 September

Arbitrator disclosure requirements, failures, and disqualifications

An arbitrator’s disclosure failures may cause a judicial revocation of an award

Tricia Bigelow

2023 September

Mandatory settlement conferences are not mediations

Mandatory settlement conferences are not mediations

Knowing the distinctions, especially on confidentiality, can help move your case towards settlement

Dalila Corral Lyons

2023 September

Don’t let a liquidated-damages clause nullify your settlement agreement

When a settlement agreement includes a liquidated-damages provision it may become subject to heightened scrutiny

Abraham Khan

2023 September

Mediating cases with large medical liens

Protecting medical-lien claims and the plaintiff through timely negotiation and disclosure of liens

Elizabeth R. Feffer

2023 September

PAGA and arbitration: from <em>Viking River Cruises v. Moriana</em> to <em>Adolph v. Uber</em>. Who’s left standing?

PAGA and arbitration: from Viking River Cruises v. Moriana to Adolph v. Uber. Who’s left standing?

The California Supreme Court weighs-in, favoring an employee’s right to individual arbitration and representative PAGA standing

Tagore Subramaniam

2023 September

Appellate Reports

In Adolph, California Supreme Court declines to follow High Court on arbitration of PAGA actions

Jeffrey I. Ehrlich

2023 September

A period prone to mischief

Legislature’s session nears its end and many bills are still pending

Lea-Ann Tratten

2023 September

OCTLA summer events included axe throwing

September seminar on protecting your record for appeal features Jeffrey Ehrlich and Steven Schuetze

Lindsey Aitken

2023 September

Welcome to the 41st CAALA Vegas

The annual convention is followed by nominations for the Trial Lawyer of the Year and Rising Star awards

2023 September

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