2020 September

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Articles in this issue:
Choose the right hardware and software for the remote workplace

Choose the right hardware and software for the remote workplace

Whether you choose to work from home or need to, these tools will make your law firm more productive

Torsten Bassell

2020 September

California appellate practice in the evolving digital age

The nuts and bolts of the new appellate Court Rules for electronic filing

Janet R. Gusdorff

2020 September

Building the law firm of the future

How technology will help manage and reshape your law firm

Reza Torkzadeh

2020 September

Efficiencies in the practice of law through technology

Key tools for working smartly and efficiently in this new world suddenly thrust upon us

Martin I. Aarons

2020 September

Liens galore

An updated summary of lien claims for plaintiffs’ attorneys

Michael S. Fields

2020 September

Use Microsoft Word to automate your tables of contents and authorities

A step-by-step guide to setting up Word to automate brief writing

Nicole Lari-Joni

2020 September

The new reality of law-firm technology

From remote depositions to virtual court proceedings, COVID-19 has thrust us all into the future now

Mike Arias
Alfredo Torrijos

2020 September

Telling your client’s story in a multimedia format

Video evidence can be persuasive and shorter is often better, but first you have to get it in

Matthew Stumpf

2020 September

Who let the dogs out?

Who let the dogs out?

Primer on the law and special interrogatories for use in a dog-bite case

Laurence Mandell

2020 September

Appellate Reports

Supreme Court resolves split of authority about the standard of review when standard of proof is clear-and-convincing evidence

Jeffrey I. Ehrlich

2020 September

AAJ fighting against COVID-19 immunity laws

Republicans seek broad immunity for corporations in the Safe to Work Act

Linda A. Lipsen

2020 September

An annus horribilis

From the statutes of limitation extensions to the civil rights crisis to immunity bills, we’re working in Sacramento to protect the legal rights of all citizens

Nancy Peverini

2020 September

Golf tournament on Columbus Day is a GO!

Top Gun award ceremony will be different than the annual gala, but still special

Jonathan Dwork

2020 September

Coping with ‘Corona’

Finding ways to channel negative energy into positive endeavors

Jeffrey A. Rudman

2020 September

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